Volume 4, No. 2 - January, 2002
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01789 as Water Servic Car
by Robert Herronen

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Here are some of Rob's comments about the interior of 01789 that help to explain the drawing. To see the pdf file of the drawing, click on the link to the left.

In water service: The interior was very plain and spartan. The floor was NOT tongue and groove. It was the well-worn, uneven floor of the boxcar. It had this same floor as a bunkcar before. The walls were brown. Never was painted green. The windows did not open and were nailed in place, but the little end door on the "B" end did open. I think it hinged inwards and down, but I'm not positive. There were pipe racks inside the car set at an angle along the left side "A" end (from the center of the car). Under this rack and on both ends were bins built up in the car to the height of 16" (roughly). These bins were used to hold the pipe fittings. The pipe on the outside of the B-end was used to handle the long rods that were used with the brushes. When the car was purchased by the museum, it still had some dynamite in it. Both doors on the double door side used to swing open (it did not have a catch on the bottom but was a piece of steel on the top with a bolt and nut - if I recall it correctly).

You might want to inquire with the museum to see if you can find the drawing in the volunteer's maintenance book in the roundhouse for that car. (I did, but they couldn't find it -- Ed.) I had a drawing for it at one time that should have been kept in the book. I know I did a plan for someone who was modelling it. It might be out there still.

It was originally my project to set the car back up as a bunk car. I had planned it to be a simple car that was ONLY bunks - much the way it used to be on the RGS. I figured it would be like the bunk cars on the C&TS. The car was needed as a bunk car because we needed a place to stay during steamups. Someone has to watch the engine overnight.

I wasn't able to work on the car, so two other volunteers did what you see today. First they put down a new floor which lowered the ceiling 2.5 inches; there wasn't much headroom to begin with. The spring beds were from a bunk-bed set that was "donated." I was putting in the shelves there just to help finish off that end - about the only real contribution I made. The stove was found in someone's garage. The old stack was capped, and so it was a simple matter to put in the new ducting. (I don't think the ducting is up anymore as they had swapped stoves out when the stove that was in there went to a different car).

I'd just like people know that the exterior is correct, even for when it was a water service car, but the interior as it is today is inaccurate.


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