Volume 3, No. 3 - October, 2000
Maintained and Edited by Bill White
and Kathy House


Bunk Car 01789

All of the photographs in this issue were taken by me in September, 2000. The car is currently located at the Colorado Railroad Museum, in Golden, Colorado, just west of Denver. The car is open to to visitors during museum hours. If you have never visited the museum I highly recommend it. No study of the RGS or any of Colorado's other narrow gauge railroads would be complete without a visit.

These are the 20 ton trucks that the car received during its first rebuild while still belonging to the Rio Grande.
This is the brake air reservoir. Notice that it is separate from the brake cylinder. The small pipe leaving the reservoir to the left goes to the cylinder.

Left: Inside of the main entrance door to the car. All of the doors are similar in construction.

Right: Just to the right of the main door is a smaller door that has been bolted permanently closed. Note the metal brackets at the top and bottom of the side closest to the camera.

Left: Overall view of the "B" end of the car. The closets are on the left, with the bunks in the background. The table is on the right with the cabinets in the foreground.

Right: Close-up of the windows showing the rolled up curtain and the small eve that goes over the top.

Closer view of the "B" end bunks. Notice the door in the top of the bottom bunk which opens to a storage area within the bunk.
Overall view of the "A" end bunks. Notice the shelves and the short wall at the right of the photo. The light green square in the lower left is the corner of the cabinets.
View of the cabinets. All of the interior additions and modifications are constructed of 3 1/4 inch tongue and groove siding.

Left: Stove that is presently installed in the car. This stove may not have been present when the car was used in water service.

Right: I don't know if the sign was present when the car was used as a bunk car, but it probably was. The bracket is for a lantern and is similar to brackets used in cabooses.

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