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Volume 4, No. 2 - January, 2002
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and Kathy House

Driving Goose 7 - Robert Herronen
01789 Drawing- Robert Herronen
Durango Call Board - George Cook
Plus other odds and ends

Driving the 7
01789 Drawing
Durango Call Board
Odds and Ends

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Driving Goose 7

A great big thank you to Rob Herronen, who has provided most of the information in this issue of the web page. Rob was a volunteer at the Colorado Railroad Museum for many years before going to North Carolina. Most of his efforts at the Museum centered around working on and operating the three geese that the Museum owns. Of the three, it was the 7 that got most of his attention. Rob was able to work on the goose, fixing problems, starting the restoration, and most of all he was able to drive it, eventually becoming a qualified motorman. That is a skill you don't find on too many resumes.

Rob's article is interesting and informative and describes what it is like to operate one of these machines. If you ever thought "how hard could it be, there isn't a steering wheel," read on and find out just how involved it really can be.

01789 Drawing

The drawings of RGS bunk car 01789 that were presented a couple of issues back show the car as it appears today at the Colorado Railraod Museum. This configuration is probably similar to what the car was like when it was used by the railroad as a bunk car. However, the RGS last used the car in water service and it was in this configuration that the car originally came to the Museum.

The employee responsible for maintaining the railroad's water tanks was based in the car, which was moved wherever necessary in the course of his duties. The car was filled with tools, wood, pipe, and pipe fittings, and the interior configuration was quite different from what my drawings show.

Drawings of that earlier configuration were made by the Museum before the car was rebuilt, but they seem to have been lost. Rob Herronen has drawn plans for the car as it was in water service, and it is these drawings that are presented here. These plans are based on his recollection and show the general arrangement of the car, but exact demensions, etc., are best guess and common sense. As in the past these plans are presented in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you have had no trouble in the past with such files, these shouldn't be any trouble either.

The Durango Call Board

George Cook has provided information gleaned from the Durango Crew Call Record Book. The information lists the engines used out of Durango, where they went, and how long they were gone. It is very revealing as to how busy the railroad was and where the activity was. Thank you, George, for providing this information.

Other Odds and Ends

Here are a few bits and pieces that I have received over the last few months. They involve caboose 0400, 9stake gons, and a really cool picture.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy this issue.

Driving Goose 7 - 01789 Drawing - Durango Call Board - Odds and Ends - Closing Thoughts

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