Volume 3, No. 3 - October, 2000
Maintained and Edited by
Bill White and Kathy House


Bunk Car 01789
Plus: K-27 Timeline Revisited and More Thoughts on RGS Bridges
- Bill White

New Design

First off a few quick comments about the new design. It is intended to speed up the process of getting new issues published. Plus, including pictures in the opening page should allow you to tell at a glance when a new issue has been posted. Let me know if you like it or if you would rather stay with the old design.

K-27 Timeline

Several issues ago I posted a timeline that was intended to show when each of the K-27's was used on the RGS. Since then many of you have pointed out errors in that original list. With your help I have decided to try to update the timeline with new, accurate information.

If you have information concerning the use of K-27's on the RGS, please share it with me. What I would like is information like: 464 was used by the RGS from 4/7/42 till 8/30/44. Also, please give the source of the information, such as train registers, newspaper articles, books, etc. Photos are not as good because they only show an instant of time with little info about the day before or after.

With your help, I think we can put together a timeline that is truly accurate.

RGS Bridges

In the first issue of this web page I made the comment that the ties didn't seem to be connected to the stringers in any way. Several pictures have been pointed out to me in the last weeks that strongly indicate this was not the case. In volume three of the RGS Story, there are pictures of bridge 44A, (page 135) that clearly show some kind of bolt between the steel and wood guardrails. These bolts seem to appear every other tie and probably pass through the tie and into the stringers. On pages 232 and 233, bridge 45A also clearly exhibits the same type of arrangement except that the bolts seem to be used about every fifth tie. I had felt all along that gravity only was probably not right, but I had no evidence. Well, now I do.

It is also becoming apparent that the stringers are laid much farther apart than the drawings show. A closer study of published pictures of RGS bridges show the outside edge of the stringers much closer to the ends of the ties than they are shown in the drawings. The spacing of the three stringer sets seems to be correct, but the gap between the two sets is much larger than is drawn. Instead of the middle stringer being under the running rail, it appears more likely the inside stringer is under the running rail.

Don Eyser first pointed this out to me and I thank him for it.

Rio Grande Southern Bunk Car 01789

And now, finally, on to the main portion of this edition. I am presenting a short history of this car and some drawings showing how the interior of the car appears today. My drawings do not include the exterior because they have already be published on page 629 of Mallory Hope Ferrell's Silver San Juan. There are also photos of the interior which will take awhile to load so be patient.

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