Volume 3, No. 4 - March, 2001
Maintained and Edited by
Bill White and Kathy House


Passenger Cars of the RGS
Folio drawings of RGS passenger cars plus more info on K-27's
- John Tempelton, Scott Gibbs

Passenger Car Folio Drawings

The folio drawings of the RGS passenger equipment presented here were provided by John Templeton. Some of you may have seen these drawings before, but I don't believe they have ever been published or widely distributed. Thanks to John for making them available.

The drawings are presented in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format. I have used this format before, so previous readers shouldn't have any problem opening them. Most newer browsers will open the PDF files with out problems but if your browser isn't equipped with the Acrobat Reader, you can down load it for free from the Adobe Web Site. After you are done with the folio drawings, simply close the Acrobat Reader and you should return to this page.

K-27's on the RGS

Scott Gibbs has provided information on locomotive use by the Rio Grande Southern in 1941. All locomotives and geese are listed plus some additional information on railroad activities. A big thank you to Scott for sharing this information with us.

I have also included some information from my own research concerning K-27 usage, along with other tidbits from the first few months of 1947.

Both Scott and I found this information in the railroad's daily train registers available at the Colorado Railroad Museum. These registers list, on a daily basis and in excruciating detail, virtually all of the railroad's activities: what trains were run, which employees were on duty and when, which locomotives were used, the make up of the trains, and all delays. They make very interesting reading. I would highly recommend looking through them if you ever have the chance. They have only one drawback. They aren't complete!!!

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