Volume 4, No. 1 - August, 2001
Maintained and Edited by
Bill White and Kathy House


Rio Grande Southern Coboose Number 0400 - Bill White, Will Cheshire

A Short History

0400 was built for the Rio Grande Southern by the Denver & Rio Grande in the railroad's Burnham Shops and was completed in September of 1890. Total cost for the caboose was $875.00. The caboose was rebuilt several times and served the railroad faithfully until the very end. In fact, the caboose was used in the scrapping trains, which were the last train movements on the railroad. There is a photo of the caboose, dated 1907, on page 591 of Mallory Hope Ferrell's Silver San Juan and another on page 565 dated September 16, 1952. In the first the caboose is in the original three window configuration, and in the second the caboose is shown in a scrapping train.

The caboose was left in Ridgway after the railroad was abandon and was not disposed of until a sheriff's auction in 1962. The caboose came to the Gorgetown Loop Railroad in 1988. It was used spairingly on the railroad and then it was moved to the display track in Georgetown in 1991. This display was taken down recently and the caboose is now back in Silverplume. I'm told that some repair work is scheduled and after that it may be used much more frequently.

Photos and Drawings

Be patient when the photo page loads, there are 14 of them and it may take awhile. As in earlier issues the drawings are presented in the Adobe Acrobat "pdf" format. They are drawn in 1/2 inch scale and are heavily demensionalized. The drawings are involved and maybe confusing, but remember the subject is very complicated.

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