Volume 1, Issue 4 - Summer 1998

The Miller Cars
and Other Odds & Ends

- Bill White-
A special thanks to Jeff Reynolds, Mike Horner, Steve Swanson, Greg Hiley, and Gary Norwood for information and help with this issue.

This issue is made up of a number of smaller subjects that do not warrant an entire web page devoted only to them. While the various subjects maybe small in individual scope they are large in interest and fascination. Decide which ones you would like to read and then click on the appropriate button.


The Miller Cars

Popular belief has it that the Rio Grande Southern purchased a number of freight cars from the Colorado and Southern Railroad in the late thirties. In fact, these cars were actually owned by Victor Miller, the court appointed receiver for the RGS. He received the cars in an out of court settlement of a lawsuit he had brought against the C&S. Miller then leased the cars to the RGS. Included in this section is the text of the agreement between the C&S and Miller settling the suit.


More information on High Side Gondolas

A number of High Side Gondolas were converted to log cars and used to transport cut timber from Timber Spur (milepost 60), which was a couple of miles below the Gallagher trestles, down the Dolores river valley to the big saw mill at McPhee, southwest of Dolores. Other gondolas were marked "This car not to leave the RGS" and used to transport company coal. Here is a listing, provided by Greg Hiley and Gary Norwood, of the cars involved in both these groups. Amazingly enough, and unknown to me at the time, one of the cars featured in the last issue, the 1083, was one of the "not to leave the RGS" cars.


K-27s on the RGS

Here is a time line showing when the various D&RGW K-27s were leased to the RGS. Thanks to Jeff Reynolds for this information.


Supplying Water Towers

Here is some information on how the Rio Grande Southern kept their water towers full without using a pump.

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