Volume 2, Issue 1 - December 1998

RGS Water Towers and D & RGW High Side Gondola Listing

- Bill White-
A special thanks to Jeff Reynolds, Mike Horner, Steve Swanson, Greg Hiley, John Tempelton, Roy Stevens and Mike Lumert for information and help with this issue.

This issue is made up of two subjects that have been in discussion since the last issue was done. First, several people asked for more information on the RGS water towers, so this issue lists all the towers on the railroad and provides some information on each. Second, the high side gondolas seem to be a topic of interest to many, so the second part of this issue lists of each car in the first series (1000 - 1499) and gives specific information on each. Decide which part you would like to visit and then click on the appropriate button.

The RGS Water Towers

The Interstate Commerce Commission made an extensive inventory of every railroad in the country in 1919 for tax purposes. Every piece of property was cataloged and given a monetary value. Each building, along with all of its contents, was measured and recorded. The detail in this inventory is excruciating. For instance, in 1919 there were four ticket punches in the Rico depot valued at $2.25 total. Each of the water towers was also detailed, and information from this part of the inventory is presented here.

More information on High Side Gondolas

The D&RGW kept extensive records on its rolling stock. Drawing from a portion of these records, I have compiled a list all of the cars in the first series (1000 to 1499), including their modifications and disposition, plus all pertinent dates.

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